Become GDPR compliant in a fast, safe and convenient way

Get your full personalised GDPR documentation at a fraction of the costs of a consultant through a platform that was developed by experts in law and technology.

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Complete documentation

You receive all the necessary documentation to comply with the GDPR, along with guides and explanations on how to use and implement them.


The documentation will be ready, completed and customized for your business. Once generated, you can use it directly in your activity and you can regenerate and modify it at any time.

Continuous assistance

You benefit from assistance throughout the use of the platform (through suggestions for completion) and you have the opportunity to benefit from specialized advice.

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Who is StartGDPR for?

StartGDPR is specifically designed to enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and authorized individuals (PFAs) to implement GDPR in an efficient and secure manner. Whether you are a freelancer or you have a start-up, a family business, an events agency, real estate, tourism or any other SME, our solution suits the requirements of your business.

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What documents do you receive?

The StartGDPR documentation includes over 50 documents required to ensure your company’s compliance with GDPR obligations, directly completed custom and ready to use: - Cookie policy and privacy policies - Information notes and online policies - Transfer contract models - Internal policies and procedures - Stakeholder request management package (response procedure and response templates) - Operating registers for operators and / or authorized persons

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Why StartGDPR?

StartGDPR is created by legal and tech experts, being specially designed to simplify the GDPR implementation process for SMEs. The personalization of the documentation is done through a guided process at each step with suggestions and situations frequently encountered in practice by our specialists.

StartGDPR platform

Easy to use and specially designed for SMEs and freelancers.

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Guided support

We offer suggestions to help you quickly define the data processing performed in your company.


You can finish the process in a few minutes / hours in front of your computer (everything remote)

Specialized consulting

We are preparing a premium package to discuss with a technical specialist and privacy data.

Permanent updates

You can always return to the platform to update and regenerate the documentation.

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